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Welcome to Wholeness Haven. Truly, I am grateful you are here. You could be visiting any blog on the planet but you chose this one. Thank you for your support!

I began Wholeness Haven out of a love and passion for whole living. Spirit, soul and body. As a Christian woman, I try to live my life as naturally as possible.

My life has not been an easy road. I spent years of my life bed-ridden and in horrific pain. I've lived through abusive relationships. I've come through addiction. I've survived the unthinkable, all because of the grace of God.

Medicine couldn't heal me. Doctors had no clue how to help me. I am living proof that God's way works. That's why I'm here to share this journey with you. Living in wholeness is a never-ending process. As I grow, I'll share with you what I know. I hope you will do the same with me.

God bless you and yours. I am excited to get to know you. ❤

Sincerely, Holly

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