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This post is for someone today. I feel strongly in my spirit that these words are from the heart of God for you. Do you know: He knows your name?

he knows your name

This post won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay! I still love you 🙂 But it is for someone!

I’ve not made it any secret that I am a believer in Jesus. My calling in this life is to uplift, encourage and come alongside hurting people with the healing balm only God can provide.

Each of you mean so much to me. Much more than I could ever truly express on this page. I value your time, your hearts, your own passion in helping people the way only you can.

If you are feeling broken like me right now, this post is for you. Those who feel alone, lost, confused, gripped with grief and sorrow.

This is not an easy post for me to write, honestly. I feel extremely vulnerable, and honestly, anxious about putting it out there. I’m not even sure why.

christian encouragement
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What I do know is that this has been one heck of a tumultuous time! There seems to have been one fire to put out after another. My mind has been completely numb with depression more times than I can count. My heart has felt shattered in despair, desperately seeking good news.

Can you relate to any of this? Are you in that place of transition – wondering when the sun will ever shine again?

May I provide you with some encouragement today?


My beloved friend,

When you feel alone, He knows your name.

When you feel depression and anxiety, He knows your name.

When you feel forgotten, abandoned and rejected, He knows your name.

When the sickness and chronic pain in your body gets worse instead of better, He knows your name.

When you feel like your dreams will never come true, He knows your name.

When you don’t know who you are and feel empty, He created you and knows your name!

When the circumstances and situations in your life swallow you whole and you feel helpless to change them, He knows your name!

When your marriage is crumbling around you, He knows your name!

When insecurity and self-doubt cripple you with fear, He longs to set you free and knows your name.

When nothing is working out like you’d hoped or planned, He knows your name!

You feel like you’ve ‘messed up’ one too many times, made too many mistakes and have missed your chance at happiness. Oh yes! He definitely knows your name! Redeeming you and your past is His specialty!

When the enemy’s lies are louder than any other voice you hear – He whispers loving truths to you, saying, I KNOW YOUR NAME!

When your weariness has overtaken you in your spirit, soul and body, He knows your name!

And when your finances have long since dried up with bills due all around you, He knows your name.

Yes…. no matter the struggle you’re facing – He knows your name, He calls your name and oh how He longs to lavish His love on you!

I know it feels like it right now, but God has not forgotten about you. He has not forgotten the promises He made to you. Your prayers have not been hitting the ceiling and disappearing into thin air.

Your pain is not wasted. Your story is not over.

In fact, the best is yet to come. Your story is just beginning.

I know you can’t see me, but I am reaching out my arms to you in an open embrace. I feel your pain. I know where you are at.

It doesn’t make sense right now and your questions far outweigh your answers. I get it. You wonder not only when this will all change, but IF it will.

God knows your name. He sees you. He is holding you in your darkest and most difficult hour. He smiles over you with pure joy. You light up His heart unlike any other! You are the apple of His eye.

He is not disappointed with you. You are more precious than rubies in His sight.

Though the storm rages on right now – know that HE is still the miracle working God who speaks to the storm and it ceases. He is the light to dispel the blinding darkness.

So I am speaking to you right now, in this moment. You are not alone and you won’t sink.

You are walking on the water and don’t even realize it yet! Keep your eyes on Jesus. He’s got this and He’s got YOU. Your dreams are coming to pass, sooner than you think.

That answer to prayer you’ve been waiting an unbelievably long time for? It’s yes & amen. The answer has already been released to you.

Hold on just a little while longer.

I feel in my heart to tell you it’s okay to rest. In fact, it’s critical that you take time to simply rest in the presence of God. It’s not selfish. In the place of rest, you will feel the loving warmth of a Father who adores you.

This is your time to know the heart of God for YOU. He is seeking to heal your broken heart.

Those issues you thought were long gone and dealt with – yes, those. I know they’ve resurfaced for you lately. He is calling those hurts out to bring you to a place of total restoration.

Now is your time. You deserve this. You’ve waited a really long time. You’ve been asking, “When God? Why not me?” He has heard and He has seen.

He has been your guide, steadying your weakness with His overwhelming strength.

Looking back, you will see that He has kept you, held you, comforted you and walked you through what most wouldn’t have survived. That’s the power of Jesus and His Holy Spirit in you!

No, it hasn’t been fun. It hasn’t been easy. We wish we could’ve avoided all this pain, all this heartbreak, all this trauma. I know. What I know most of all, #God will use your pain for purpose in ways we can’t even imagine yet! – Holly ♥

Though it’s hard, hold on just a little bit longer. Help is on the way!

When you don’t know what to pray, be still and know He is God. He intimately listens to your heart. Every sigh and cry is a wordless prayer touching His very heart. #prayer

Love, Jesus and I ♥

holly at wholenesshaven

If this message speaks to your heart, have a listen to this song. I believe it will bless your soul as it did mine today in the midst of tears and tremendous pain.

If this post has encouraged and blessed you today, please share it with your social media family. Thank you!

If you need prayer or someone to listen, please contact me here. In the meantime, I’m sending you all of my very best love and interceding for your better, brighter days! 🙏🏼

Always remember, HE KNOWS YOUR NAME! You are so very loved.

Father God, I bring before Your throne my precious friend reading this post. Lord, I know you know their pain intimately as you bore it on the Cross.

Lord I ask you to restore the heart of my friend. I ask you to bring Your peace that surpasses all understanding to the chaos and confusion in this mind. I ask you to bring clarity where there has been a lack of direction. I bind all spirits in opposition to Your Holy Spirit and release the perfect love of God that casts out all fear.

I ask Lord that a fresh hedge of protection be placed around my friend and their loved ones. I cover their minds, their bodies, their families, their homes, their property, their finances and all that concerns them in the blood of Jesus Christ.

In accordance with Ephesians 3:20, I thank You Lord that You are working in their favor to do exceedingly, abundantly, beyond anything they could ever ask, think or imagine for YOUR glory God.

I ask you Lord to bring to pass Isaiah 61 in my friend’s life. Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. I ask you Lord to destroy all depression, anxiety, and any other hindering, mind binding spirit in the name of Jesus. Set my brothers and sisters free, Lord. Show yourself mighty on their behalf!

Great I AM, be everything my friend needs right now. Fill every void and break every chain.

In the name above every name, to which every knee must bow and every tongue confess, Jesus, I thank you! We believe it is done, as you promised in Mark 11:24:

24 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. #Jesus

Scripture for Encouragement

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

Psalm 9:9-10 The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Deuteronomy 31:8 It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. #encouragement #Scripture #shareJesus

Isaiah 40:31 But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Isaiah 12:2  “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.” #encouragement #shareJesus

Sharing Is Caring! ♥ Thank You!


  1. What a beautiful and very worthy blog post, Holly!
    I am thinking of you and sending prayers and virtual hugs your way.

    He DOES know our names, and He knows where we’re at. Your vulnerability opens up a whole new world for those who are in the same place as you, and unsure of what to do with their pain, lost in and absorbed in loneliness. Thank you for being willing to share.

    And even when we’re in a good place, these reminders are the best way to forge us even further forward towards fulfilling our purpose and His great plans!

    Blessing and love to you, dear Holly. <3

    1. I am incredibly grateful for your comment. Emotional vulnerability isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, I sincerely believe that we are of no earthly good to anyone if we aren’t willing to be transparent when things aren’t so lovely. You know? You & I see eye to eye on this, being sick of the phony out there! We don’t have to let people abuse us and we don’t have to share more than we are comfortable. Not everyone deserves our openness. Yet there are times when it is necessary for us to be lovingly open to help our fellow friends, brothers and sisters. What good is it if no one ever speaks when everything isn’t going so fantastically? We rob each other of so much support, in my humble opinion.

      Endless blessings and love to you, my friend. You are an encouragement and a blessing. I sincerely say thank you to you for all you do. Your thoughts, prayers and encouragement are more than I could hope for. 🤗 All I can hope to be is a help to those who need it – a light on dark days, hope in pain. If we really do believe in the power of God to change hearts – and we do – being obedient when we feel that ‘tug’ to share is critical to someone’s life!

      Love and hugs to you… praying your day is beautiful & blessed! 💕

      1. Holly, we agree on so much that we truly are two peas in the very same pod. I am so grateful that we’ve been led to each other, despite the distance between us.
        Much love to you, and continued prayers.
        Always remember that you truly are awesome <3

      2. I agree wholeheartedly; we are two peas in the very same pod. My gut tells me that if we dug into our learning histories, we’d find much of the same life experiences. It is no accident that we find ourselves preaching the same messages or feeling the same disdain for the same concerns. I too am grateful to have found a kindred spirit and can’t say thank you enough for all of the encouragement you’ve provided me (and others!) 🤗

        I don’t feel very awesome but I am so very grateful you think so! And I am eternally grateful for your friendship, your prayers, your virtual hugs and your kindness. You’re awesome – I promise you that! 💞 All my love to you dear friend. I pray you and your loved ones are well.

      3. Ah Holly… sometimes we don’t ‘feel’ anything good. And we make the mistake of letting our emotions lead us. Yes, we need to feel and follow our hearts – it gives us compassion and enables to be kind and spread a little sparkle in the lives of others. Where we need to be careful is the leading of emotions regarding ourselves, because it can be so deceiving.
        When I feel sad or angry, then all those lies from the past rear their ugly head and can make me FEEL worse. It throws me into a literal battle for my soul. So what I have started trying to do is this : when something happens, I allow myself the emotion – because stuff happens to make us sad and angry. But at the same time, I speak truth to myself. “So, you made a bad choice and this is the consequence, and it hurts. And it’s affecting everything. And you don’t know where to from here? You have to fix it.. and think about it… and change. But just because you made a bad choice does not mean that *they were right. You are not a failure. You still have worth. You are still capable of change and you are still worthy of love*”

        I find that accepting what’s wrong and crying about it or getting mad, and then working on changing it while reminding myself of truths has had a very positive impact on my journey.

        I am praying for you. I am not sure what you’re dealing with right now, but I am asking for extra strength and comfort for you. I know you don’t feel it right now, but please be encouraged by this : you truly are awesome <3
        Much love, beautiful Holly xxx

      4. I just love you 🙂 You are incredibly special and I hope you know that! Please forgive my lateness in reply.

        Above all, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. They have been felt and received! I am forever grateful that you take your time to spend here with lil ol’ me.

        I second everything you have said above. We really are two peas in the same pod, my goodness. It took a really long time to get to that place where I was more readily able to even recognize what it is I’m actually feeling to begin with. I’m betting you can relate. For me, identifying what’s actually happening within me is the first and most important step. Usually it requires Holy Spirit to pinpoint where I believed a lie of the enemy, allowed a trigger to be activated, etc. I love what you said about allowing yourself to actually feel it and then process it.

        One of the most beautiful things you said was the reminder that just because we allowed wrong thinking to slip in again, made a bad choice or whatever else – we are still worthy of love, have worth and are definitely not failures. I agree with you again – if we’re not careful, all of those old tapes start playing through our minds over and over again. Everything wrong we’ve been taught to believe, the criticisms, the hate, the rejection, abandonment, on and on. It makes a tornado recipe of disaster. You said it best: a literal battle for our soul. I relate 100%

        I’m speaking truth to you right now: YOU are awesome, loved, appreciated, heard, cherished and respected. You inspire so many every time you write and I am grateful for your very life. Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement. They helped bring me back up out of an empty, dark place. God is good!

        All my love to you sweet friend 🤗 I pray you and your family are well this day!

      5. My dear and beautiful Holly,
        The gratitude and abundance of love is very much reciprocated. Don’t ever give up, especially not on you. You are definitely an awesome creation that has much worthiness – and you’re doing great things just by being you.
        Thank you for your kind words and love. But most of all, thank you for being a wonderful woman of courage and grace, who is vulnerable enough to completely inspire me <3 Sending big virtual hugs your way <3 xx

    1. Dearest Kammie, love you sis! I am eternally grateful for your encouragement. To know that this post touched you and was what you needed in this moment makes me thankful to have written it. I needed to read that. Thank you! 🤗

      You are absolutely welcome for the prayers and encouragement. You are a blessing. I thank God for your life, your creative talent and for being one awesome mama! God bless you my friend!

  2. Tgis is such a beautiful post. What a beautiful prayer and song and perfect verses. I’m sending you so many hugs right now! 🤗🤗

    It’s so hard to be vulnerable sometimes and let your pain show. As women the world says we’re supposed to be strong and keep going. That’s not good for our mental health at all. It’s okay to break down and let it all out. I’ve had to tell myself that so many times.

    I think while we’re going through trials we think God’s at fault or just plain forgot about us. But He’s always there. And at the end of the trial we’ll be able to see His lesson.

    Much love to you!!!! You’re in my prayers! ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

    1. Michelle, you are truly awesome. I don’t take your friendship, your encouragement or your kindness for granted. Thank you for being you – I really mean that! Reading your words of encouragement was exactly what I needed at that moment. Thank you! 🤗

      You are 100% correct. It truly is toxic to hold everything in and become a ball of anxiety, sadness and despair. That’s what happens when we don’t find healthy ways to express the pain and hardships of life though. You definitely don’t have to be strong all the time and I am so grateful you remind yourself of that too! None of us have it all figured out – no matter our age or life stage. It’s always a learning process.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly my friend. It is VERY easy to fall into the trap of feeling forgotten by God. Deep down we always know that simply isn’t true, even in the worst of the storm. Yet we do entertain those thoughts far too often in the pain and wondering. The lesson, as I’m sure you’ve discovered as well, is always worth it with God. He never lets our pain be without purpose. That’s a beautiful thing to remember! It’s never fun but eventually, it’s worth it.

      I am so thankful for you, your prayers and your love. I am ALWAYS here for you if you need me. I pray nothing but God’s very best for you, your family and all that concerns you! 💞🙏🏼 Thank you again for your heartfelt comment. I always love hearing from you.

      1. I feel the very same about your friendship Michelle. Likewise, I keep you and your precious family in my thoughts & prayers as well. It’s always a blessing when God brings someone special into our lives and I count you as one of those genuine souls. 😘

  3. “If you are feeling broken like me right now, this post is for you” – It broke my heart reading this. You have, yet again, shown just how compassionate a soul you are, using your own pain to reach out to others who may be feeling similar to give them support. I’m not religious and yet there was something in this post that really spoke to me and I can’t deny just how reassuring the words are, how heartening it is to think that He is there and not disappointed in any of us, that He sees all of us.

    Those tough times can feel endless and as you say, it’s often like putting out one metaphorical fire after another. It’s never-ending. But each time we need to remember that we’ve done it before, that we’ve survived the tough times and each hurdle we jump we’ve grown that little bit stronger. But all of this fighting and jumping is exhausting and you’re so right, taking that time to rest is important. It’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to take some time out. It’s very different to give in for a little while than it is to give up. You, I, we, all of us owe it to ourselves to keep going and to hold on for those brighter days, for the small joys in life that are waiting for us to see. On the darkest days we may not see them at all, but they are there. Just like those brighter days are around the corner 🌹

    That’s a beautifully peaceful, sad yet hopeful kind of song. The sort you can’t help but cry your eyes out to but feel somehow better for.

    I’m so, so sorry to think how many tears you’ve shed and how much pain you’re in. You are one of the kindest, most thoughtful and compassionate people I have the pleasure of knowing, Holly. It hurts to think you’re hurting. I hope you can take heart in your own words and read this post back so you can apply it to yourself. Take comfort in what you’ve said because your words will reach out to others in their struggles, too.

    We love you. All of us here reading this care for you. I know you’ve got this, Holly. You’re a tough cookie with a beautiful heart and you deserve those brighter days. Sending much love & hugs your way  ♥🌹

    Caz xxxxx

    1. Dearest Caz, you always know how to tug on my heart strings! You know that? 🙂 You have such a beautiful heart of love and encouragement. Please don’t EVER underestimate the power you have to radically change someone’s day from bad to beautiful. You’ve been given a wonderful gift to uplift and bring hope. I hope you realize how beautiful you are – inside AND out! 🤗

      I know what you mean about not being religious. I’m not either. I find religion to be an empty list of rules, regulations and a serious lack of love or power. Simply attending a service or knowing the Bible doesn’t change a heart. I believe in relationship with Jesus over religion. I believe in knowing His heart, feeling His love personally and letting that love radiate out to others. Some of the most offensive people I’ve ever encountered were “Christians.” That’s the difference between religion and relationship. A personal relationship with Jesus will always change a person. Religion can’t – it’s devoid of any power. 🙂 (Sorry! Hope I didn’t go off on a tangent there. Just wanted to encourage you that I get why you say what you said!)

      You know, I think your words are the very reason I wrote the paragraph above. You mentioned this post being reassuring to you. Yes! You nailed it my friend. That’s exactly what a *relationship* with our Creator will do. His love and His presence reassures us that not only are we not alone – we are seen, valued, heard and wanted. We matter. It blesses my heart to hear that those very emotions were conveyed in this post.

      If our pain isn’t used for a purpose – then what’s the purpose, anyway? Our suffering should count for something and our transparency in our struggle can then change and touch lives everywhere. I truly believe one of the worst crises today is the fact that far too many people are being phony. If we aren’t being real – what are we doing? It’s okay to fall apart. It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to question the meaning of life, pain, sickness, heartache. And it’s certainly okay to be open about it all. There’s no weakness in being real. The weakness is in pretending. It’s exhausting and helps no one along the way. I’d rather be painfully open and help someone than pretend life is grand all the time. You know? 🙂 If we all join together in helping others – we’d save a whole lot of lives and a whole lot of unnecessary pain!

      I just realized that without meaning to, I basically retyped what you’d already written! 😀 Caz, I think we think very much alike my friend. As a matter of fact, I have to chuckle sometimes realizing just how much that’s true! I love you dear Caz and am always here for you. What you said about me is 100% true for you. There are few people on this planet with a more compassionate, thoughtful, kind and loving heart than you. I am SO grateful to have ‘met you’ and look forward to all our great conversations in the days to come.

      You are a blessing. You are incredibly loved by me, by countless others but most importantly, you are definitely loved by God. He really does see you and love you in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine my friend. 🤗

      I apologize for making this so long, but your comments always go straight to the core of my heart. I am sending endless love and big hugs your way. Thank you for being who you are. I hope one day you see how big of an impact you have every single day. 💞

  4. Thank you Holly for this beautiful post, it was what I needed to see and read. You will help so many people who stop by to read this, so many of us out here need to read these words and be encouraged by them. What a special gift to us all. God bless you and all your love ones.

    1. My dear friend, as always, you have genuinely touched my heart. What a precious soul you are, full of love in your heart. In all sincerity, I never want you to forget how much of a blessing you are. People like you are beyond rare and I am eternally grateful to the Lord for having met you!

      I am humbled by your words. Nothing could bring me greater joy and fulfillment than to think someone’s life was changed for the better because of my obedience to Holy Spirit in sharing a message on my heart. It’s what you do everyday too 🙂

      God bless you and everyone you love my sweet friend. I thank you for being you, for sharing your heart and friendship with me and for always being the genuine spirit you are! 🤗

    1. I praise God for YOU! Your sweet comment has left me speechless. Thank you so much with all of my heart. You took the time to share your reaction to these words and I am forever grateful. You’re a blessing sweet sis. NEVER forget that! YOU ARE LOVED! 🤗

    2. Dear Holly,

      I have only seen and read this beautiful post today. Thank you for putting your own pain and despair aside to reach out to others. I know this song by Tasha Cobbs very well, having listened to it again and again during a period a few months ago when I experienced a severe and sustained attack against my mind. It is a beautiful song, sung by a woman with an anointed ministry.

      After reading your post and the comments of support I am convinced even more that you should continue with your Love ministry. It is needed.

      You are abundantly blessed and I am thankful to the Lord that he has surrounded you with such a caring group of people.

      I don’t know if you are still in that place. If so, I trust that Father-God will continue to strengthen you with his might in your inner being and minister the peace that surpasses understanding.

      I hate to think of you hurting. My prayers are with you, as they have been since we first met. And that was a wonderful and powerful prayer you shared in this post, to which I say ‘Amen’.

      Love and best wishes to you Holly and may God’s protection and peace rest upon you and your loved ones.
      💖 xx

      1. Dear Carol, words cannot describe how I love your comments. Your input always makes me smile and adds so much to the conversation! Thank you my friend!

        I agree wholeheartedly with you about Tasha Cobbs having an anointed ministry. One of the things I love most about her is how she works with artists of every color. If you ask my humble opinion, we need this now more than ever. We desperately need the reminder that in Christ, we are ONE, each beautiful and needed. It does my heart so much good to hear her ministry got you through a dark period as well. Most of all, I’m so sorry you went through this sustained attack. My prayers are always with you my friend, as I intercede for you with Holy Spirit.

        Your words nearly bring me to tears, Carol. They really do. Oh how humbling it is to have your love and support. I cannot even begin to tell you how appreciated you are! I don’t take your encouragement lightly, and will remind myself to read your words again and again. You are a mighty woman of God with clear prophetic insight. I love you, Carol. ♥️ I pray the very same prayer right back to you!

  5. Thank you Holly for opening up your heart to us! The vulnerability you express helps to deliver God’s messages and I know that is your mission in life – You have a tough mission and are stepping up to the plate time and again to fulfill it. Please never stop sharing these messages that help many readers – You are a God-sent!!

    1. Oh Christy! When I read this, my heart was incredibly touched by your kindness! Words fail to express my gratitude for your support, your love and your encouragement. You’ll never know how many times I thought about throwing in the towel with blogging and your thoughtful comments came along, giving me fuel to keep going. Thank you for being who you are!

      You should also know I added your site, When Women Inspire, to my resources list on my latest blog post found here:

      You have made my day beyond belief. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you all you do to encourage and inspire others each and every day. You’re a beautiful blessing my friend! 💕

  6. What an amazing and timely post! Someone truly does need to hear this. Probably every single day <3 Each situation, each song, each point, and prayer… is for SOMEONE! I am sharing so that my circles are able to read as well 🙂 God bless you abundantly for reaching out to His people!

    1. Stacey Lynn, I am incredibly grateful for your heart of encouragement. THANK YOU for your kindness in this comment and for sharing my post. You are precious!

      That’s what we are here for right – sharing our stories, our hearts and the love of Christ through it all so that others can see and experience the truth for themselves. This is a mean and cruel world. If we can do anything to soften the blow and let people know they are loved, that’s a beautiful thing! 🙂

      I love you sis. Again I thank you for all you do to be such a blessing to me and others! 🤗 God bless you!

      1. You are so welcome! <3 And thank you, as well. You are SO RIGHT! I've said the same thing about the kind of world we live in and the kind of light we could and SHOULD be, especially as children of the Most High God. It blesses my heart to bless someone else, even if all I gave them was a smile… a prayer… a tear. I remember BEING the one that needed any one of those things, and there weren't any. And I couldn't have been the last one 😉 We will continue to brighten every corner, glory to God! I'm honored to be on this journey with you, sis!! I love you too!

  7. What an amazing encouraging spirit you have💯 I can tell the Holy Spirit was working in you and definitely called you to write this post and share it!
    I am so glad you did! I am so glad you were listening! Although I do feel like the tires are turning and I can feel the Holy Spirit moving me and guiding my every step. There’s times I feel like the obstacles are so big that I will never see past them-never make my way around them! It’s these kind of post, these encouraging words that I need to read to help me keep going! So thank you again! Thank you and keep going… keep writing! We need these words… we need YOUR gift 💝 Sk

    1. I love your heart. You are so kind and thoughtful. Thank you for these words! 💕 You’ve encouraged me in ways I fail to express with words.

      I know the obstacles you speak of. The feeling that this time must be different because these blocks have been there so long, will they ever move? Do you ever do those exercises where you close your eyes and envision something? Try this: Close your eyes and ‘see’ the obstacles and problems you’re facing. Allow yourself to take all of that in. Then bring something new into the imagery. Imagine God scooping those problems up and tossing them into the vast sea. In your mind, how big is God? If He seems too small, allow yourself to remember that we serve a BIG BIG AWESOME God who raises people from the dead. Is there anything too hard for the God we serve? Certainly not 🙂

      I think often times in life we see our problems as bigger than God. I know I’m entirely guilty of this one. When we’re in the heat of our battles – it’s hard to remember that we aren’t alone, that God really is fighting for us. It’s easy to imagine that we must fix everything, but we can’t and we shouldn’t. God is still good. He’s still in control and He is able to accomplish so much more than we could ever ask, hope, think of, dream of or imagine.

      Always remember: If God is for you – who or what could ever be against you and win? Absolutely nothing and no one. God’s power is reaching out for you in your circumstance and you’ve already got the victory.

      Blessings to you my sweet sis and all my love to you 🤗

    1. Oh Joan! You have truly touched my heart with your incredibly kind comment! Wow. Bless your heart!

      I am deeply touched that this touched your heart and have found it encouraging. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that! 💕

  8. Holly, this is such a beautiful and heartfelt post! We go through hard times, and it’s so important to know that he knows our name, and hasn’t forgotten about us. Truly inspirational! Thank you!

    1. Aw Leslie, what a precious encouragement you have given me today! Thank you!

      Amen – we all need the reminder that we are never alone, God is not slack in His promises and what He says will always come to pass. Even when His timing isn’t our own 😉

      God bless you dear sister. 🙏🏼 Thank you for taking the time to share your heart with me.

  9. Holly, How incredibly wonderful to read such a touching post. God knowing my name is such an awe humbling thought. I could just forever amazed by that one thought. Thank you for being such an encourager… a consoler. You and those songs are very fitting to the fact that I have nominated you for The Barnabas Award! <3 God was so kind to allow your sweet fellowship!
    God loves you, Holly! <3
    PS… This is the link to your nomination:

    1. Gail, you are such a gift to me and to so many others! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this nomination. I do not take it lightly at all. You have deeply touched my heart and I am grateful for your encouragement & kindness. Thank you!

      Isn’t it humbling to know that we are so intimately known by God Himself? The One who created the Heavens and the Earth? I too have been in awe when I truly stopped to ponder that very thought. You are truly the apple of His eye. Oh how proud of YOU Abba is! You shine His light every single day. You have been the light in some deep darkness for so many. You’ll never know this side of Heaven how many lives you have touched & changed, sweet Gail!

      You are loved, cherished and so very appreciated. All my love to you, sister Gail! 🤗 God & I love you more than you’ll know!

      1. Holly, I am humbly knelt at His throne and feeling the love pour and pour! How He lifts me and carries me. Thank you for such edifying words to honor Him with!
        How humbling and awe inspiring He truly is! <3
        One day you and I will see Him face to face, and all that He has waiting to share with us! May He find us faithful!
        Sending His best to you, dearest Holly!

  10. It’s a blessing to know Jesus knows us. I came across a scripture that said the Lord your God will not turn His face away from you. I cried like a baby to know that God knows me and calls Himself mine. That’s how I think of your post. Thanks for sharing, Holly. Greatly appreciate you.

    1. Amen! Love that Scripture. It’s hard sometimes to really grasp how deeply loved we are by our Father in Heaven. As you beautifully said, how amazing to know He knows you and calls Himself yours. How intimately He knows everything about us and cares about it all!

      Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words, Yvette. I am touched! ❤

  11. This is so beautifully written, Holly. Your prayer is so meaningful and much needed, especially in the midst of such uncertain and trying times. Reading this actually made me tear up, but in a very moving, good way! I really need to hear this, and reinforcement that God cares and loves everyone can truly uplift spirits. I admire how wonderfully heartfelt and spiritual this post was. I’d love to read more of these from you!

    1. Precious Bella, what an amazing comment from you. Wow. Bless you, sister, for such moving words and encouragement! You have deeply touched my heart and I am grateful for you!

      I agree with you. Knowing that God adores us, sees us and cares about *everything* concerning us is a powerful truth sure to uplift our spirits when it sinks in. Sometimes, in the heat of the battle, it’s easy to feel forgotten. But there’s no way Jesus went through Hell, literally, to leave us now, for any reason, at any time! He’s got us in the palm of His loving hand and will surely bring us out in His holy timing.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words. I appreciate you so much. ♥ Sending my love. Remember, God is crazy about you! You are the apple of His eye and He will never let you down!

    1. Hi sweet friend. I’m pretty sure you did too. Looking back in the replies, I found your amazing comment from June 18th. What’s odd however is that my reply to your comment isn’t showing. 🤔 I’ll be fixing that now. Sending my love to you. I value your friendship! 🤗

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