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Are you discouraged, brokenhearted, and feel like giving up? I’ve got great news for you: YOU were born to fly! And here’s why…

If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.

A few days ago, an unfortunate scene occurred in our backyard. Our cat, Dizzy, caught a bird. As most cat parents know, this is one of the most undesirable behaviors they have. (Yep, we’re thinking a catio is in the works!)

Thankfully, Bill happened to be nearby and acted quickly to grab the bird from her. The story that began to unfold before my very eyes reminded me of an important life lesson.

I hope, as you read these words, your heart will be encouraged.

YOU Were Born to Fly

black and white warbler: you were born to fly

This precious bird, believed to be a black and white warbler, was surely having a bad day. You know the kind – when everything seems to go terribly wrong. You didn’t wake up expecting the worst, but, life happened.

Our sweet little songbird wasn’t expecting to have a fateful meeting with Dizzy that morning. He was singing happily, nesting on the ground, and flying at will. He was doing what he was born to do. He was born to fly!

There will always be forces working against us to steal our joy and our flight in life. There will be times we will have to fight for our freedom and the joy of our song.

There will be those who don’t believe in us, who speak lies against us, or who just really don’t ‘get’ who we are.

I know you’ll have a hard time believing this, but my skull can be kind of thick!

Yeah, I said it, sometimes, okay, rather frequently – I’m terribly stubborn! It has served me well during some dark periods of my life; that persevering spirit refusing to quit.

Yet, there’s a life lesson I’ve had a really hard time learning!

Just because someone else may not see my worth doesn’t mean I don’t have any! – Holly ♥ #selfesteem #confidence #selflove #loveyourself #inspiration #motivation #thebloggercrowd #bloggingcommunity

Just because people who should be there, aren’t, doesn’t mean we’re not worthy of love, respect, and support.

Misery loves company. When people choose to stay stuck in their old patterns, old habits, old everything, they will often want you to stay stuck too.

Watching someone fly and soar in life isn’t fun when you feel chained to the ground. An unhealthy person will try many ways to steal your flight, your fight, and your song. “Come back down here where you belong,” you might hear them say.

It may not even be intentional. Sometimes, they are living what they learned, just like we have. All it means is this person is incapable of giving from a place within which they lack themselves.

Never own what doesn’t belong to you. Not everything is your fault or your problem – Holly ♥ #encouragement #motivation #wisdomoftheday @Lovingblogs @TheBloggerGals

Finding Your ‘Tribe’:

Who Is Singing To You?

While all of this was going on, there was a moment that nearly brought me to tears.

Bill gently, but firmly, cupped his hands around this tiny little creature. We hoped the warmth would ease the shock and help bring some calm back to his little racing heart.

It became clear that while the warmth felt good, little change in his physical state was happening. We feared the worst for this little fella we had come to love.

Then, I had an idea. I went online to try and pinpoint what kind of bird this was, as neither of us were familiar with it up close. After a little searching, I found what I believed to be the right match: a black and white warbler.

What I found next was a brief sound clip of the black and white warbler’s song! As soon as I played a quick sound bite – this sweet bird perked right up! His eyes opened and seemed to light up, his head began to move and his confidence clearly grew.

black and white warbler - you were born to fly

We began to feel as though he could hold on to a branch all by himself. So we walked over to a nearby cedar tree and placed him there. With pure joy, we watched as he held on, gathering his wits, preparing to fly again!

Our lives are much the same.

Who is singing their song into your life? Are those voices inspiring you, encouraging you, calling you to fly? If not, it’s time to reconsider whose song you are listening to!

  • If it’s harmful ideals or people on social media, un-follow them!
  • One-sided ‘friendships?’ Let them go.
  • Toxic family members? At a minimum, limit your contact. Sometimes, no contact is for the best.

Take inventory of how you feel. If you always walk away from your interactions feeling worse or lesser about yourself than when you started; it’s time to move on and make a change.

You can't soar like an eagle when you surround yourself with turkeys.

Your Song Matters

Our bird knew the song of his true friends. He heard their song and recognized, his friends were calling him to FLY again! They were calling out to him, “Live! You can do it!” They were encouraging him to soar.

They weren’t turkeys! They weren’t naysayers telling him all the reasons he might as well just give up.

You may not have a supportive family who encourages you to pursue the goals, dreams, and talents in your life. Maybe you didn’t even have friends or mentors that came alongside you, cheering you on to remind you how capable you are in every way.

Believe me, I get where you are, and where you’re coming from.

Hear me when I say, “YES! You are enough. Your dream isn’t stupid. You are able. You have what it takes! YOU were born to fly!”

YOUR song matters. The voice on the inside of you, your unique story, matters. Don’t ever consider yourself too small or insignifanct to make a difference.

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Dr. Seuss

There are people waiting to hear your song. It’s the only song/story that will inspire them to come alive, live again, and leave their own stamp on this old world.

That’s how powerful your testimony is!

“Open the grave, I’m coming out – I’m gonna live, gonna live again!”

Consider this powerful truth for a moment, if you will:

….What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 

BibleHub Romans 8:31

It is impossible to be everything to everyone. You shouldn’t even try! Not everyone is going to like you or what you stand for. That’s okay! Don’t give it another thought.

The more we try to be everyone’s ‘cup of tea,’ the more we lose our authenticity.

Holly ♥

Final Food For Thought

It’s estimated that the current world population is 780,000,000,000! If only 2% of those people thought you were something special – that’s still 15,600,000,000!

Please don’t be worried about the few who don’t. Our lives are far too precious to be worried about what we can’t understand and don’t have the power to change.

Let’s choose to fly, no matter what anyone says, does, or doesn’t do! You are so very worth it.

Did this encourage you today? I’d really love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you also, with all my heart, for sharing this with your friends on social media.

In what ways have you learned to fly and leave the weights that hold you down, on the ground, where they belong?

Always remember: Baby, you were born to fly! Go for it!

All My Love & Gratitude,

wholeness haven

Sharing Is Caring! ♥ Thank You!


  1. That little birds story is so heartwarming!! How he perked right up after hearing those other birds.

    This post is so inspirational! It feels so good to know we’re loved and wanted and needed.

    I always looks forward to your amazing posts!! ❤️❤️

    1. Aww, you just absolutely made my night, Michelle. What a dear friend you are! 🤗 Your support means more than I could ever tell you. It’s something I have *very* little of in my life. Your words strike me right in the heart and aren’t forgotten. I hope you know that!

      I agree, it is amazing to know we are loved, wanted, and needed. It’s very healing when we have a group of people who sing the same song as us. What a breath of fresh air it is to be known for simply being ourselves.

      I love hearing you enjoyed this story and found it inspirational. Most of all, to hear you look forward to my posts, amazes me, and humbles me. Thank you so much my sweet friend! 💕 I’m extremely grateful to you. I feel the exact same for and about you.

    1. Now Janet, don’t you go making me all teary-eyed! 🤗 You are so precious to me, thank you! It warms my heart to hear you found this post to be both touching and insightful. Wow, what a compliment! I don’t take your words lightly or for granted.

      I love you too. Thank YOU for being you, Janet. You are deeply appreciated and cared for by me and so many others. Most importantly, the God who created you so perfectly! 💕

  2. Loved this inspiring post, the title “you were born to fly” itself is so empowering .Yes it is so true, we cannot make everyone happy .Accepting that sooner ,will only make it easier for us. I loved the “who is singing to you section” very much, all great points resonates with me as well. That quote on “you cant soar like an eagle when surrounded with turkeys” takes the cake. This is sure to bring a cheer , smile , and encourage folks going through disappointments .Finally, glad to hear that the bird was able to get better .Thank you for sharing and spreading kindness as always Holly!

    1. Dearest Nisha, isn’t being born to fly such a comforting thought? We often watch the birds in awe and wonder, when in reality, we too can soar in our own way! 🤗

      Amen, sis, amen — accepting as quickly as we can that there is no pleasing everyone really does bring so much freedom to our lives. We weren’t born to carry such a heavy load, my goodness! It will literally kill us trying. Who needs that nonsense?

      I couldn’t help but smile when reading that the section about whose song we’re listening to resonated with you. It does with me, as well. I think we writers tend to write about topics that are affecting us, along with our readers. Don’t you? We encourage ourselves when we encourage others. At least, that’s my humble belief.

      Your words of encouragement once again touch my heart, sweet friend. I really do value you and the thoughtfulness you put into your comments. Thank you for reading, and sharing your time with me. You are so very special! 💕 Blessings heading your way…

      1. You are very welcome Holly , yes I agree our life experiences do help with the content we write .Thank you again for all your love and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. This makes me want to cry. It’s absolutely gorgeous….
    We also need to be our own nest friends. The people around are definitely invaluable. I wonder if I’d be here without those who’ve believed in me.
    Love, light and glitter

    1. Aww Eliza! What an amazing compliment, thank you, friend. 🤗

      I love what you said: we should definitely be our own best friends. If we speak to ourselves in a way we wouldn’t speak to another best friend, why? It’s a powerful reminder to love who we are and where we’re at. From there, transformation can happen if/when needed.

      It nearly brought me to tears, hearing you speak of how you may not be here if not for those who believe in you. Wow. It’s a touching truth, the power of love and compassion. I believe in you, Eliza. I think you’re pretty darn amazing! ♥️

      Sending my love, and many hugs, straight to you.

  4. That is a very touching story. I’m so happy that the little bird is okay.

    This reminds me of a similar episode that happened in my backyard about 10 years ago. A baby bird somehow fell on to our back porch and I went out to see what the noise was. I found this little bird backed up against the wall shivering, because there were 5-6 of my cats around him. They didn’t harm him/her at all. I just scooped the bird up and put him in a cat carrier. I didn’t know what to do.

    The next morning I heard all the birds calling unusually loudly and the little bird answered them. I opened the window and also opened the carrier. The parents came to the window and coaxed the little one out and they all flew away. I saw the mama later washing the little bird. It was a happy ending. 🙂

    1. Aww! Talk about touching! Wow, what an amazing story you shared with me. Thank you! We underestimate the love and community in nature, I think. Don’t you? Each animal has their own way of bonding with others. Your mama bird calling out to her baby, and washing him/her up when he returned safely to her, honestly melted my heart. Beautiful! I’d say that was a reason to celebrate indeed.

      You are so kind, and hearing from you always makes my day. Thank you friend. I’m grateful you shared such a touching story with all of us! ♥

      1. Yes Indeed! Birds are amazing creatures. They are super intelligent. I mean they fly thousands of miles each year to migrate to a warmer climate. How wonderful is that? There’s so much we don’t know about them and other animals too! <3

  5. Oh no, naughty Dizzy! I still get horrible flashbacks of the times Virgil has ensnared a poor little birdie in his mouth. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. We’ve managed to bring a few back from the brink, but sadly not all. That photo of the bird… he/she is so unbelievably snuggly and precious. What a fantastic idea of yours to play the sound clip. I never would have thought of that.

    The way you have taken this event and pulled from it such meaning (much like Bill pulled the birdie from Dizzy!) is incredible. You are so spot on about how some people will want to bring others down. It might make them feel superior by being cruel, in whatever way, to someone else and they’ll find it far too difficult to encourage another person to fly because they’ll be left wallowing in their own misery without that person to crap all over and make themselves feel better.

    This is something I’ve found very difficult over the years, more so since getting ill and losing many (all) friends ‘in real life’. I’ve also had the issue with my brother and it has taken me 31 years to try to step away. I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but all I get back is hurt. It’s like that with the one sided friendships you mentioned too. I’m going for convenience but when that other person is happy and doing well for themselves, they couldn’t care less about me. It was a wake up call when I looked around and felt like I actually really, desperately needed someone… and nobody was there. I think as well sometimes we can want what is obviously too much because we hope others will treat us the way we treat them, which sadly isn’t always the case. We can move on from these people, be they friends or colleagues or family, and we will still be okay. In fact, we will, in time at least, be better and stronger for it, where we can start to strengthen ourselves, stretch our wings and start to soar without being dragged back down.

    Another amazing post, Holly! And well done to you & Bill for giving that sweet little birdie another chance at life  ♥ ♥

    Caz xxxx

      1. You do like it? 😁 That makes me very happy! I was hoping it would be a good change. Since so many people use the Reader (I think?), I was curious about the new design feedback. Thank you so much Caz for letting me know! I value your opinion lots.

    1. Naughty Dizzy indeed! In fact, you have no idea just how naughty! 🤣 Bad, bad girl! Sounds like your cutie pie, Virgil, has a few badness streaks in him too, ha ha! Although, he is one of the most laid back kitties on the block! Wouldn’t you agree? 😉 (He really is adorable!) Believe you me, I understand how you feel when you talk about flashing back to seeing the event unfold before your very eyes. (sigh) I know they don’t see it is bad, because they think they’re providing. For us though, it’s a different story.

      Wasn’t that bird adorable? Something about that cutie was just so innocent, even more so than other birds I’ve seen. I’m thinking this little fella was a pretty young baby, but I’m not really a bird expert. He/she was precious though.

      You’re right, Caz. Some people really are cruel and intend to be. 😥 It does make them feel superior. I try to remember when I encounter people like this (and I do often!), that these folks really are miserable inside to be so mean. Hurt people hurt people, and it’s never more evident than when someone intentionally tries to cripple someone else in life.

      “It was a wake up call when I looked around and felt like I actually really, desperately needed someone… and nobody was there.” — First and foremost, this nearly made me cry, because it really hurt my heart to think someone as kind and thoughtful as you would be abandoned when you needed them most. Oh Caz, words can’t express how sorry I am for what you’ve experienced. Sadly, I can wholeheartedly relate, which makes me even more empathetic to what you’ve found with some people.

      It can be a really tough pill to swallow – having been there for someone endlessly, called them a ‘friend,’ or ‘loved one,’ only to be tossed aside at the first convenient moment for them. 🤗 For them to have done that to you lets me know how much THEY have lost out on. You are a gem in my book, a deeply valued friend, and a light in a crazy world. Your heart shines brilliantly and I’m grateful to know you. When someone fails to see who we are, and the gifts, talents, personality, heart (etc), it’s not a reflection on us, but on them. ‘Blind’ people sometimes refuse to see. It’s not easy, but just as you said, sometimes moving on is the most loving thing we could possibly do. For us and for them. All we can do is pray someday they will see. If not, we can be assured that who we are IS ENOUGH. Plain and simple! 💕

      Sending all my love and huge hugs your way, my friend. Sorry for my long reply! I just treasure your comments so much.

    2. I love it, Holly! I just couldn’t remember if I already said that to you 😂 I use my laptop and always view your posts directly in Chrome. I also ADORE that cute kittykat at the left side navigation bar for the link to CatCareSolutions, so cute! (Please don’t tell me that’s always been there and I’ve just never noticed) xx

  6. Hello Holly,
    You’ve delivered a double whammy with this post. There’s the ‘aahh’ factor with the story of this bird’s rescue and there’s the beautiful message and insight shared from the incident. Well done in thinking about the bird song and playing the clip. Truly heart-warming!
    I love the message about which bird song we listen to. My immediate thought was of that proverb “birds of a feather flock together”. Your message reminds me of what Jesus had to go through when his own family/community did not believe in him or celebrate him.
    It can be discouraging when folks don’t support, or want you to succeed, or even withhold their help and influence, but the way I see it Holly is when you achieve your heart’s desire only God can claim the glory!
    Have a blessed weekend and I pray that God will bring a harvest of genuine friends and supporters your way, who will see you the way he sees you, and sow seeds of love and encouragement into your life, the same way you have sown into mine and others about you.
    Lots of love xxx😃💖

    1. Hi Carol! What a joy it is to my heart when I hear from you! You’ll never know how many of your comments have been locked deep within my heart. This one is no exception. As a matter of fact, your words almost echoed what I have been praying! Your prophetic voice has spoken God’s heart all over again. Goodness Carol, you are a blessing to me!

      You’re absolutely right – only God can get the glory. I had been praying just a couple of days ago, “Lord, why are they so cruel? Why do they have no interest in who I really am?” A few moments later, Holy Spirit quickened to my spirit the very words you shared. God will get the glory and that’s the way it should be. Sometimes, what seems ‘wrong,’ is merely His protection. For example, would I be able to write so freely about my experiences if I knew they were actively reading? Probably not. God knows what we need always, and I simply need to trust that!

      Carol, God has surely answered your prayer by sending you. You have sown seeds of love and encouragement into my life in ways I could never thank you enough for. You’ve inspired me to keep going when I thought of giving up. You shared Scripture that was exactly what I needed in the moment. You are a joy and I value your friendship. Thank you for being who you are! 🤗 Endless love headed right back to you!

  7. It’s easier to love others than oneself. It’s my truth. I hope everyone in my life knows how much their words mean to me. Especially when they know I don’t believe them…
    Love, light and glitter

    1. I know exactly how you feel, Eliza. Isn’t it amazing how much love we can heap on others around us, yet fail to show ourselves the same grace and love? Or how we choose to encourage others when we fail to encourage ourselves? I truly believe that we often give out what we value (or need) the most. Not in a, “I hope to get this back,” sort of way either. Simply, we know what it is to not have, so we make sure others do.

      Sending love your way, Eliza. You are precious.

      1. That’s actually really true. My friend had a baby and I wrote him – my new nephew – a letter. My friends told me how much they could see from it…. it was telling him all I never got…

        Love, light and glitter

  8. LOVE this post, Holly! Thank you for all the wonderful reminders.
    You are such an amazing, inspiring and encouraging lady – you were definitely born to fly, and help the rest of us remember important truths!
    Interestingly enough, I was chatting to a lady yesterday, reminding her that ‘she is enough’. Her side of the coin is this though : am I too much? She has had a life where she was always told that she was ‘too much’. And so I told her that she is ‘Goldilocks’ 😛 She is enough, and not too much. She is juuuuuuuust right 😉
    Hope you have an amazing week, dear friend. Sending lots of love and cyber hugs your way xx

    1. Aww Meg, you’re going to make me cry!! Isn’t it funny how we can see in others what we often fail to see in ourselves? I echo the words you said about me right back to you, wholeheartedly. Humbled would be an understatement to hear you speak those words about me. WOW. My friend, you have deeply touched my heart and I am so very grateful for you. So many times, your love and support has kept me going when I questioned myself. Thank you for being who you are!

      I couldn’t help but have a HUGE smile when you told me the story about this lady you were speaking with. How perfect your message of ‘Goldilocks’ was. Juuuuust right. I LOVE it! I don’t think you realize how profound your words of encouragement are, and what a difference maker you are. You have a way of brightening up even the darkest of days, sharing your heart and your wisdom in a way only you can. Please don’t ever underestimate how special you are!

      We can be so incredibly hard on ourselves. “Am I enough, am I TOO much, am I worth anything at all?” It’s amazing how we play those old tapes and don’t challenge the voices within them. Oh what damage they can do. Thank God for people like you who step us and say, “No! That’s not true. You are not a mistake, you are just right.” YOU, my friend, are just right and I am very lucky to have ‘met you,’ and call you friend. 🤗 Thank you for all of your incredibly kind compliments. They mean the world to me!

      1. Holly! You DID make me cry! You are so very special – certainly a uniquely beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice – and I am so blessed that you share it with me… and us.

        We are most certainly all hard on ourselves, and we all have those dark days where we feel we’re drowning.
        We just need to keep looking up though… and even if all we can manage is doggy paddle, it is enough. <3

        Be safe, and encouraged, my beautiful friend. Thank you for being such a blessing to me <3

  9. This is such a blessing. I stayed glued to the end. So encouraging!.

    I used to be “everyone’s cup of tea” and taking the unsolicited blames. 🙈 But learning to know when to let go and show myself grace more than ever. Loving someone at times means let them go. This, I learned and still learning to.

    In it all we shouldn’t lose our selves to please anyone. Rather God first and love yourself so that you can in turn give it right back. Often times we allow people break us, we even forget what it means to give back what God has called us to do – love. Love really sometimes is letting go.

    And yes, believe in your dreams, not everyone will have the insight as you do because it’s your dream in the first place.

    And the doggedness does keep us going. I love the bird story. I can relate. Having the right set of people and voice around you can make you see things you have been so blind to just because people you were with or prioritized didn’t see that or even point it out.

    We are more than what meets the eyes because we carry God!. 💃

    Thank you for sharing this ma’am. ❤
    This I relate too – practically. 😊

    1. Sweet friend, your comment has made my day! To hear this message encouraged you genuinely makes me feel it was worth writing, for that reason alone! 🤗

      Oh sis, I wholeheartedly relate to you. You’re absolutely right – showing ourselves the same love and grace we extend to others is critical. When a relationship becomes toxic and unhealthy, we must love ourselves enough to say goodbye. It is a learning process, just as you describe. I suspect you are a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, just like me? God is gracious to show us when we need to let go, and be patient while we learn to understand His ways. Sometimes, letting go is the hardest thing to do. Yet, there is always a reason and a blessing on the other side. I found out the hard way – being stubborn and not letting go ends in a whole lot of unnecessary pain.

      I love what you said: “Rather God first and love yourself so that you can in turn give it right back.” I believe when we do allow God to be first place in our lives – everything else falls into its proper balance. Holy Spirit will prompt us when we are allowing something we shouldn’t, or when we should just be a bit more patient. 😉

      I read something awhile back about the dreams in our hearts. It said something like this, “Your dreams are in your heart for a reason. Where did they come from? If you have a dream in your heart, it’s because God placed it there. And if He placed it there, He will bring it to pass!” — How amazing is that? Our dreams are not an accident. What we hope for didn’t come out of thin air! If we need correction, He will provide it. Otherwise, His promises are YES and AMEN! 🙏🏼

      We are more than what meets the eye because we carry God. WOW, those are powerful words, sis. Thank you! ♥ Your comment has blessed me, as always. Thank you for being so thoughtful, kind and inspirational. I love you, sis.

      1. Smiles. I am really glad to know it did. ❤🙂

        Yes. Absolutely!. 💯 This I have been learning to do for some months now. 😊

        Yes!. Totally. Because the toxicity can spill and if not careful, you end up taking it all in and it affects you too. Phew.
        Smiles. Sadly Yes.
        Yes, patience teaches us a lot. 💯
        I agree with you too. Letting go is a blessing to. So true!.

        Yes ma’am. 💯
        Yes!. He is our regulator or better put – right hand being, we can’t go wrong with Him. 😊

        Hmm. Wow!.
        He did put it in our hearts and will bring it to pass. It is so blissful. 😊
        Yes!. He is all-sufficient

        Smiles. You are welcome. 🤗
        Glad to know it did. 🙂❤
        Awww. Thank you too. Your words are always encouraging. ❤🤗
        I love you too big sis. 🤗

  10. Oh my goodness Holly, what a beautiful gift you have with the words you have written here. I will have to share this in my favorites post at the end of the month. Every thing you have written here is so true. So many hurt individuals out there in the world stuck on the ground because the people who they believe are there to encourage and love them do not want them to leave and fly because of their own insecurities. Love this encouraging post. Thank you so much for sharing this at a time like now. Big hugs and lots of love from Arizona.

    1. Oh my friend, I adore hearing from you! Your words always go straight to the core of my heart. I’ll be honest, you are one of those people I count as a deeply valued friend. Thank you for all the love you have shown me. I do not take your friendship for granted.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and for sharing this in your upcoming post. You are so sweet! 🤗

      I agree 100% with you – we have a whole world full of people right now who are spiteful, rude, and mean-spirited. I try to remember to pray for these folks, as there is clearly something missing in their own spirits to be this way. Yet, it can be hard to not have a knee-jerk reaction of frustration and anger.

      In my own life, I have found your words to be true. We see it so often, don’t we? If someone doesn’t achieve the goals or dreams in their life – why should you have the audacity to spread your wings and fly? I deal so often with people, unfortunately very close to me, who believe we are supposed to be a certain way. Our jobs have to look a certain way, or else we have no worth. If you don’t have this or that, well, you must not be successful. I find that way of thinking to be suffocating and oppressive. A world without creativity, to me, is depressing. A world where we don’t pursue the unique purposes and calls on our life, created by a loving God, isn’t one worth living. We are all so uniquely beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with being different! In fact, my favorite people are the ones who go against the grain and choose to think just a wee bit differently from the rest.

      I just love your heart, what you represent and how much of an encouragement you have been to me. It’s such a breath of fresh air to know we’re not alone, isn’t it? Thank you for your love. I am sending endless heaps of love and hugs right back to you. I value you! 💕

  11. So inspiring, encouraging and just so you! Thank you, Holly! Only we can issue the flight command to soar above the raging waters. It is time to know what we must do in order to change into the person we were born to be. And on one can either do that for us, nor does anyone have the right to keep us from that right. Much love to you!! xo

    1. Precious AmyRose, what a blessing it is to hear from you. Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful and encouraging words. I do not take them for granted. 💛

      I love what you said, and agree wholeheartedly! It is time for us to evolve, to grow, and to be better, do better and be more – for ourselves and for those waiting for us to fly. Indeed, no one can do it for us, and no one has the right to keep us from flight. What a beautiful and inspiring message from you!

      Sending all my love your way. Thanks for stopping in. 🤗

    1. What a perfect comment! I absolutely love what you’ve said, in your own special way. 🙂 Indeed, sing your own special looney tune. I’m grateful to know you have been doing just that. ♥

      Thank you for coming by and commenting. I really do appreciate hearing your thoughts!

  12. This encouraged me more then I can say, Holly. THANK YOU! Iv’e been doing all I know how to in order to stay far away from that which so easily drains me. Due to the extremity of energies today and due to I feel those energies, I have some very good days but then seem to need to pull back, chill and just rest. I keep telling myself baby steps, and then give myself a pep talk when I feel discouraged I am not going long enough fulfilling what I wish to. I’ve never been in such a place as we all find ourselves in currently and if I hadn’t done the years of inner work as I have, I don’t think I would be quite right in the mind as I am today. I’m creating my world again, for the third time of my life. I’m not quite sure where I am heading but I do know my feet are pointed in the right direction. Again, Holly, thank you so much for this inspirational post. I am SO happy that little bird made it. What genius on your part thinking of playing this bird’s song. I believe he owes his life to you!! SMILE!!! xo

    1. Aw, Amy! To hear this message has encouraged you genuinely lights my heart up with happiness. I am so thankful to hear that! 🤗 Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more from my posts. It’s my hope with every word I write.

      I feel your pain, Amy, and I know what you mean about trying to stay away from forces that simply create negativity and a feeling of being drained. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but the different felt is immense!

      Not everyone knows how to encourage themselves, and I am grateful you do! Being self-aware of our own needs is critical to our wellbeing. When we feel overwhelmed emotionally and ‘energetically,’ everything in our lives is affected. Simply being able to pull back and rest, as you say, is much needed. It does my heart good to know that you are doing this, and giving yourself the grace to recharge and regroup. Baby steps is all we need to do, especially in those moments where we aren’t sure what to do. One step at a time….

      I am praying for you, sweet friend. I too trust that God is leading you, guiding you, and pointing you in the way you should go. Holy Spirit is our very best friend, and He knows exactly what you need, when you need it. Listening to Him and His peace in our lives can never steer us wrong. 💕 Sending my deepest love and gratitude to you, and prayers for your journey. Be patient with yourself. You’re doing just what you need to do.

      1. God bless you, dear friend. I couldn’t agree with you more about the Holy Spirit. God has been speaking ever so powerfully to me of late when I finally closed the door to the world. I do have direction yet the future is unclear. Why? I believe that is so I continue to walk in faith AND no-thing is written in stone. In order for my future to unfold for my highest good, I have to line that up with my actions, thoughts, deeds, and words. Just yesterday one of my neighbors told me “How I wish I had your faith.” My reply …. You can IF you are willing to work for it. I also said once that faith is established, do NOT let it go. Yep, everything works together. Much love to you this day!! xo

    1. Hi Mitch. Thank you for stopping by! Thank you also for letting me know the like button isn’t working. It has been acting up on my side, so I wondered if others were experiencing this too.

      I hope you and yours are well. Blessings!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Michele! Your comments have made my day brighter!

      Not sure what’s going on with the like buttons. I’ve noticed they’re not working and am hoping a WordPress update, or plugin update will soon correct it. If not, I’ll have to dive deeper into why it’s happening. Thank you so much for letting me know though! 🤗

    2. Oh! I meant to ask… when you said the pages are having trouble loading, do you mean the pages themselves? Or just the like buttons? Thanks for your feedback. It helps a ton in improving the user friendliness. 😊

  13. I love the way you have used that wonderful story about the little bird to illustrate so many lessons about life. Inspirational, uplifting and extremely thought-provoking, Holly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. <3

    1. Aw, Millie! Your comment has truly made my day, thank you so much! It does my heart good to hear you found this to be inspirational and uplifting. I firmly believe we need all the uplifting we can get these days, don’t we? Sending my love to you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and kind words. I sincerely appreciate you and hope you will come back to share more! 💕

  14. Really amazing post Holly, I like how you told a story and brought out a lesson from it. The bird is really cute if I might add.
    I particularly love the quotes you posted and the moral of the lesson.
    I was born to fly. I’m not going to give up. 💪

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Nianni! Your comment has made me smile!

      Amen to that — you were born to fly. I pray you never give up because you’re making a difference and you’re on the right track! ❤

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