best natural sleep remedies for those who want to keep it simple

8 of the Best Natural Sleep Remedies for a Rested Body and Mind

Counting sheep but getting no sleep is miserable! We all know how difficult it is to function in our daily lives when we’re not getting enough rest or our sleep quality is poor. As a hopeless night owl myself, these are the best natural sleep remedies I have found for when I need to fall …

woman and man doing a work out

Friends and Fitness: 10 Great Ways to Get In Shape and Meet New Friends

Friends and fitness are a winning combination. We can hold each other accountable, encourage one another, and inspire real change for the good. Friends and Fitness: A Winning Combo It can be tough to make new trustworthy friends as an adult, though. Plus, there’s the schedule demands of work, family commitments, and other obligations. But …

crop anonymous person calculating profit on smartphone calculator near banknotes

3 Key Areas Financial Debt Affects Your Health and How To Overcome It

In our culture, debt is often seen as no big deal. Who isn’t familiar with the ol’ charge card? If I can’t afford it today, that’s okay, I’ll just swipe this card and voila — I get what I want right now! In America alone, we have an estimated collective credit card debt of $856 …