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Getting fit can and should be a lot of fun! When we are bored with our workouts, it’s almost impossible to keep the motivation up so we can see the results we hope for.

In this collaborative post, we’re going to take a look at which sports are best for fitness so you can find what works best for you!

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Which sports are best for fitness? These 7 will give you a real burn!

Looking for a real challenge? Take a look at these 7 #sports that’ll whip you into shape in no time flat. Oh, and hey, you just might have fun doing it! #fitness #health

Playing sports is beneficial for so many reasons, and one of the main ones is of course that it can be a great way to help you become more fit and healthy.

However, not all sports are made equal in this regard, and it is certainly true that some are considerably better for building fitness than others.

You might know by now that I always preach here at Wholeness Haven how the only workout worth doing is one you will enjoy so you can stick with it! Choosing the right sport for you is no different.

So… which sports are best for fitness?

These 7 super sports are sure to get your blood pumping and your body healthy in no time!

Hate the gym or don’t have the budget for it? No problem! We’ve got something on this list for everyone.

1 – Cricket

One of the hallmarks of challenging exercise is when it incorporates a good number of stops and starts. In other words, you allow your heart rate to increase, stay elevated for a while, and then come back to normal before repeating the whole procedure.

Some sports are practically designed with this kind of process in-built. Cricket is a perfect example. Whether you are bowling, fielding or batting, you will be engaging in lots of short bursts of energy – ideal for cardiovascular health. Find out more about the sport at

2 – Swimming

Mount Wise Swimming Pool
Mount Wise Swimming Pool by Tony Atkin is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Here in the United States, swimming is often used as a rehabilitation therapy after surgery, long periods of inactivity or for people with chronic pain.

It’s one of the best sports because it builds both strength and endurance, while being gentle on the joints. Someone who swims regularly is going to find that they have better heart health, great stamina, and generally a very fit body physically.

It’s also one of the very best exercises for people with Fibromyalgia or mental health challenges, according to the CDC.

Even just an occasional swim is going to help you in these ways and more, so it’s a sport that is well worth taking up if you haven’t already. Whether you do it competitively or solo, you’ll find it’s great for you.

Want to up the intensity but still be in the water? Water polo is considered to be one of the world’s most challenging sports.

3 – Tennis

ball court design game

With a single hour of tennis burning as many as 600 calories, it’s no wonder that this sport makes it onto the list.

Tennis involves the use of fast-twitch muscles, meaning that it is both extremely effective in terms of losing weight and also a great stamina-builder. You will certainly work up a sweat when you are playing tennis, and especially if you are playing singles rather than doubles.

It is also great for building strength, especially with all those short bursts that you need to bring out during a game. A weekly tennis game could be just what the doctor ordered.

Go easy when you’re learning though! It can be a little hard on the joints.

4 – Rowing

people riding boat on water

There is a reason every good gym has a rowing machine: the act of rowing is an incredibly beneficial strength and aerobic exercise.

Whether you are at the gym or trying out actual competitive rowing, you’ll find that you are going to have some great benefits as a result of it.

It’s particularly good for those who want to stay toned while improving strength throughout the upper body primarily. If that sounds like your kind of activity, rowing could be a lot of fun for you.

Interested in rowing competitions? Visit World Rowing to learn more!

5 – Crossfit

man teaching a crossfit class
Source: Crossfit Home

Crossfit is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Healthy eating, consistent and challenging workouts, a community of like-minded people, and mindset shifts are all a part of it.

If low impact exercise is what you’re after, Crossfit probably isn’t it! But if you are looking for a high intensity, high calorie burn that will whoop you into shape — you might really enjoy this one.

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6 – Basketball

close up photography of shoes near ball

Alright y’all, who here played a fun game of H-O-R-S-E at some point in their lives?

I’m extremely vertically challenged, being a whole 5’2 1/2″ tall. 😁 But….that didn’t stop me from having fun playing some hoops. (even though I regularly got beat!)

Turns out, when it comes to which sports are best for fitness, basketball is a clear winner. Yes, it burns an amazing amount of calories and builds muscle strength.

But you can also expect to experience lower stress levels, better immune function, improved coordination, and a sense of community when joining others in a game.

It definitely looks like basketball earned its spot on our best list!

7 – Table Tennis

orange ping pong ball
Photo by Ingo Joseph on

You may have heard it called ping-pong, table tennis, or whiff whaff. Whatever you call it, don’t call it easy! Believe it or not, table tennis is considered one of the best sports for fitness!

The quick movements, low risk of injury or impact to joints, plus the social interaction of a good game of ping pong has won the hearts of fans worldwide.

A newbie to the sport of table tennis could burn up to 200-350 calories in just 1 hour! What could be better than having tons of fun and improving your brain function while you are getting healthy?

Curious to learn more? Take a look at this video below of some table tennis basics:

Closing Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it, getting started with a healthy routine or new sport for better fitness can be the hardest part sometimes! Old patterns don’t always like to leave easily, am I right?

Just remember: it all starts with one choice. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Find a sport you think looks fun and give it a try. If it’s not for you, that’s okay! Start slow, have fun, and enjoy the process!

If you have kids in your life, encourage them to get involved with a sport too. It’s one of the best ways to build self-esteem, life-long healthy habits, along with a sense of accomplishment and discipline.

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Maybe you could even use that time playing sports as a bonding experience between the two of you?

If you don’t have youth in your life, what about a friend that could join you? Friends getting fit together can be a huge motivator to keep going when it gets tough!

Obviously we’ve only touched on a few sports that are great for physical fitness in this post. So I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

  • Which sports are best for fitness in your opinion?
  • What is your favorite sport to play?
  • Have you seen the amazing health benefits of being involved in a sport for your own life?

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