Comforting Ultra Premium Herbal Heating Pad

About 15 years ago on a severe pain day, a family member of mine introduced me to this incredible invention: an herbal heating pad.  Ever since then, it has been one of my absolute favorite ways to ease the pain of stress, chronic illness, or just to simply unwind and relax.  This herbal heating pad combines the healing benefits of aromatherapy and the comfort of heat in one blanket.  It will be one of your go-to favorites too, guaranteed!


What’s To Love About This Herbal Heating Pad?

With an organic cherry pit and flaxseed filler – this particular choice is unlikely to cause allergies for anyone with sensitive skin or noses.  The aromatherapy is mild but pleasant.  That’s why I was confident to recommend it in my post, “How To Get Rid of Back Pain Naturally With Essential Healing Helpers.”

Ideal uses: Natural back or body pain relief, stress relief, menstrual cramps, night-time relaxation in preparation for sleep, and comfort from anxiety.

Directions for use:  Place in microwave for 90 seconds.  You’re done!  Apply to any area of your body that is achy, sore or fatigued.  If needed, re-warm the pad for whatever amount of time feels best to you.  You’re going to love it!


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