Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

This book is a lifesaver for anyone suffering from too much stress or mental illness.  There is hope for you!

Emotional Healing With Essential Oils is one of those books that can literally change your life.  Easy to read, simple recipes that will turn you into an aromatherapy pro in no time.

After reading through this book, you will know what oils to use for which purpose and how much of it is needed.  Don’t suffer anymore.  Find an essential oil blend that will soothe your whole being.  Whole living is possible without drugs!


Leslie Moldenauer has created an absolute winner with this book!  As a sufferer of mental health concerns myself, this book is priceless.  No one should have to suffer through trauma, depression, anxiety, OCD or any other mental illness.

With over 100 unique blends available in Emotional Healing With Essential oils, find your perfect match!

Essential oils can change so much about how you feel.  Don’t miss out on this brilliant read today!

Your purchase qualifies for a donation to charity.  Find out more here.  Thank you!


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