Arthritis-Proof Your Life!

Ouch!  Arthritis is painful!  If pain has changed the way you are able to live your life, please consider this book.

There are so many things your doctor isn’t telling you.  So many ways that drug companies are pushing prescriptions onto you that you may not even need!

If any of this sounds like you, try and Arthritis Proof Your Life today!


Arthritis and inflammation are killers.  They rob you of your joy, your well-being, your daily living.  If you’ve been wondering whether or not there is a natural solution to your pain, there is!  Arthritis Proof Your Life will offer you natural solutions no medical doctor can.

This book by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD  can give you some hope for how to live with less or no pain.  You just might be surprised how many options you have.

Even better?  Your natural living book purchase qualifies for a donation to charity.  Thank you!



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