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Unless you’ve been on another planet – you’re aware that we have a whole culture screaming, “I want to be pretty! Look at me!” I’ll be honest with you, my friend. I want to be pretty, too. But it’s not what it sounds like!

Let me explain…

I want to be pretty

are we objects or human beings?

When I thought up the idea for this post, I wondered how often the phrase, “I want to be pretty,” “Am I pretty,” or “How to be pretty” were Googled.

It was a common search and resulted in more than 2,460,000,000 matches.

There were endless tutorials on what color to dye your hair, what to wear or not, how to walk, how to talk, how to drop 10 pounds in 10 days. how to keep your man, all the latest phases and crazes, on and on. All of it… NONSENSE!

I’ll be completely honest. What I discovered grieved my heart in a way that I simply can’t express with words. It is the reason I am writing this today.

My mind saw images of girls and women all over the world, sitting at their keyboards, heads held low, feeling unworthy, unloved and unattractive.

I was a combination of intensely angry and sad as I thought about this rather vivid imagery.

Angry because I want so desperately to change a sick, shallow and twisted culture.

Saddened because I’d love to wrap my arms around these wounded women and help them see their worth in the same way I seek to remember my own.

Did you know, it’s a proven fact, the more we are exposed to something – the less it tends to affect us on a conscious, emotional level?

I’m not speaking about abuse and wounds from the past because these triggers remain fairly constant until healed.

What I am referring to are injustices, mental programming and the brainwashing trash being force fed as truth.

Those insidious, deceptive marketing tactics with the sole purpose of making us feel not good enough the way we are just so we will buy whatever it is they’re trying to sell this go ’round.

It’s how the abnormal becomes the ‘new normal.’ It’s how day after day we become more asleep and accepting of a culture’s toxic beliefs.

Little by little, we stop questioning the why behind what we see. We begin to accept, “this is just the way it is.” But it doesn’t have to be!

We must wake up, ladies and gentleman. We are not objects to be purchased, sold or cheapened. We are not robots without the ability to think, feel and do better.

We are created beings, formed and fashioned with love by a God who made us in His own image! (Gen 1:27)

We can’t expect positive change if we don’t challenge the voices and forces working against us. We must stand up and expect better, expect different and demand the change. – Holly

It’s true that saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

By all means, be confident. Enjoy the things you enjoy. Just don’t do it because someone else is telling you this is what you should like or do.

It’s okay to question, “Is this really me?” or am I doing this because it’s what I’ve been told I must do in order to be ‘acceptable.’

You would be amazed how much precious energy we gain when we lose false identities and wrong thinking patterns. Freedom is priceless!

So to answer all of those precious people behind millions of Google searches – yes – I want to be pretty. I hope you do too…

I want to be pretty pin
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Yes, I Want To Be Pretty …

❤ Pretty Fearless

❤ Pretty Confident

❤ Pretty Creative

❤ Pretty Kind

❤ Pretty Dedicated

❤ Pretty Forgiving

❤ Pretty Special

❤ Pretty Funny

❤ Pretty Patient

❤ Pretty Enduring

❤ Pretty Balanced

❤ Pretty Devoted

❤ Pretty Amazing

❤ Pretty Unique

❤ Pretty Thoughtful

❤ Pretty Giving

❤ Pretty Compassionate

❤ Pretty Wonderful

❤ Pretty Fascinating

❤ Pretty Loving

❤ Pretty (Fully) Faithful

❤ Pretty Encouraging

❤ Pretty Joyful

❤ Pretty Smart

❤ Pretty Inventive

❤ Pretty Successful

❤ Pretty Thoughtful

❤ Pretty Strong

❤ Pretty Helpful

❤ Pretty Graceful

❤ Pretty Charitable

❤ Pretty Virtuous

❤ Pretty Welcoming

22–23 But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:

joy that overflows, patience that endures, peace that subdues, kindness in action, a life full of virtue, faith that prevails, gentleness of heart, and strength of spirit.

Galations 5:22-23 (TPT)

…How about you? Are you pretty? What kind of pretty are you?

In a world where most of us can be anything we choose; is “pretty” really the best we can do? Really?

Understand that I’m not saying there is anything at all wrong with feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.

Far from it, actually. Inner confidence always radiates outward.

What I am speaking of are the forced-upon-us-ideals of what pretty is supposed to look like, act like, think like, or dress like.

What is pretty, anyway? Is beauty not entirely subjective? The saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is commonly used for a reason.

Some find beauty in the personality or character of another and could care less what their physical appearance is. I’m that way personally.

Outward appearances, material possessions and ‘status’ in life don’t impress me one bit. Have a beautiful heart full of uniqueness, love, loyalty, honesty, integrity and treat people with kindness? You are someone I can admire.

What one person would find appealing, another will find appalling.

We must learn to be okay with simply being who we are. And know that who we are is enough!

If someone loves you for who you are, great! You won’t be wasting precious time & energy trying to impress someone with a false, phony image or idea of who you are.

If you gain a relationship of any kind through being phony – have you really gained anything at all? What you will lose is far more precious: you will lose your identity and your dignity.

If someone doesn’t care for you, there’s no shame in that. Sometimes we’ll never “be enough” for certain people. It is reflective of their own issues and insecurities.

You should never take inward their hate or lack of care toward you and adopt it as your own, playing a negative tape in your mind for years to come.

It has nothing to do with you or your value. It simply means this person isn’t meant to be a participator in your life. It’s okay to move on & let go!

Just because someone doesn’t see our value doesn’t mean we don’t have it! – Holly ♥

**Please hear me** You do NOT have to be someone you’re not or do anything you don’t believe in doing to get approval!!

Anyone you feel the need to impress in this way is a total waste of your time. WALK AWAY QUICKLY and keep your dignity intact.

Not everyone has good intentions or integrity. But some do and they’re worth waiting for!

be patient with yourself

embrace the greatness of growing

If our focus is on beautifying the outer package, the inner being gets uglier with time. Neglect does that and it becomes more evident with every ticking moment of the clock.

‘Beautifying’ our bodies while neglecting the content of our hearts is about as smart as wrapping a box of manure in expensive wrapping paper with other fancy adornments and calling it a gift.

That’s no gift I’d want! Would you? 😲

Or consider a weed patch growing in the garden. At first, the weeds are manageable and a little time spent gets the situation under control.

Left alone, those weeds will take over the whole garden and ruin every bit of the beauty and hard work contained within it.

This is us. The ‘weeds’ of wrong thinking patterns leftover from a world crippled by an identity crisis have taken over and infected our minds and hearts entirely too often.

When we admire beautiful flowers – do we consider the time and growth it took for them to appear as they do?

They suffered the violence of roots expanding, pushing their way up forcefully through the soil – ignoring the challenge of growing pains.

They didn’t question whether they could or would. They didn’t question their worth or their beauty.

They simply know their purpose and do what they were born to do.

Because they know who they are and what they are created for, they pushed through discomfort and bless us with their wondrous creation.

How much more valuable and unique are we that our very fingerprints are ONE of a kind?

What kind of beautiful Creation could we be if we too choose to push through pain and grow? We are only limited by our unwillingness to change, to heal, to question our own stinking thinking.

You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside and my intricate outside, and wove them all together in my mother’s womb. I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex! Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking. It simply amazes me to think about it! How thoroughly you know me, Lord! You even formed every bone in my body when you created me in the secret place, carefully, skillfully shaping me from nothing to something. You saw who you created me to be before I became me! Before I’d ever seen the light of day (in my mother’s womb), the number of days you planned for me were already recorded in your book. Every single moment you are thinking of me! How precious and wonderful to consider that you cherish me constantly in your every thought! O God, your desires toward me are more than the grains of sand on every shore! When I awake each morning, you’re still with me!

Psalms 139:13-18 (TPT)

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you are more than you think and more than they said

Have you ever noticed how when you meet someone who by the culture’s standards are “beautiful,” and then get to know them for what’s inside – they may suddenly become very ugly?

Regardless of what the world and media around you says, ‘beauty’ and ‘pretty’ is not found in any body shape, size, skin color, hair color, material possession or any other fleeting status.

This culture has become so obsessed with the fallacy of a flawless image that a truly flawless heart has been neglected in every sense.

Computer software may be able to alter every image you see on magazine covers, social media and billboards. But they can never ‘fix’ what’s not right with the image in our minds and hearts.

It is then that the depth of true ugliness is revealed. So much of what we see wrong in this world today reflects this very truth.

It’s not a cliche. What’s inside IS what matters because it’s the only lasting feature about us.

Our inner character won’t fade with time but will instead increase if only we actively choose to water the seeds of goodness.

When the beauty of time’s wisdom comes and the wrinkles or grey hair appear, what then? Who will you be? What will you do?

You are not who or what you see in the mirror. How we look on the outside should have very little, if anything, to do with our identity.

When we have the unshakable truth on the inside of us that we were created for so much more than being an ornament, we become free.

I love how Beauty Redefined puts it: “You are more than a body. See more. Be more. Your body is an instrument, NOT an ornament.”

Know your worth. Live from a place of purpose. Be unashamed in your uniqueness and strengths.

No trend, no opinion and no difficulty in life will be able to shake you when you know your own personal truth of who you are and what you were designed to do.

When I was at my weakest, my enemies attacked— but the Lord held on to me. His love broke open the way and he brought me into a beautiful broad place. He rescued me—because His delight is in me! He rewarded me for doing what’s right and staying pure.

Psalms 18:18-20

Our value can’t be attached to anything subject to change without us living in fear of losing that very thing. – Holly ♥

If we attach our value to our physical appearance, age, financial status, job title, marital status; what happens to our identity when the status changes?

You are loved. A beautiful masterpiece created with great care. Don’t ever allow anyone or anything to cheapen you.

You were bought with a price and the price was my very life.

– Jesus ♥

resources for building self esteem

While the so-called “body positivity” campaigns mean no harm, they still put the focus where it doesn’t belong: on the body!

It’s time to change our thinking. Women empowerment shouldn’t be about our bodies. Are we not more than that?

Are men not more than their paychecks? Their cars? Their possessions? Of course they are!

Change is needed. Will you join me and so many others in being aware of how we support these toxic ideals, even without meaning to? We have the power to shift perspectives, starting with one person at a time!

Beauty Redefined – a wonderful resource for women of all ages that struggle with self-objectification and to be more aware of lies believed about our image. With awareness comes change.

Self-Esteem School for Christians – A comprehensive site full of articles to help build your self confidence and faith.

When Women Inspire – My dear friend Christy has created a platform to promote the strength of women worldwide. She inspires us to know we ARE more and are capable of anything we set our minds to.

End Sexual Exploitation – Sign the petitions and support the cause. This website seeks to bring awareness to the numbing of societies to female objectification in media and elsewhere.

If you know of a resource that has helped you or someone you love, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

YOU are pretty awesome

I am grateful for you, your support and encouragement. Hearing from you always makes my day!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you struggled in your life with loving yourself?

Thank you for sharing this message with your social media family too. We need all the voices in the fight we can get!

Oh, hey! I almost forgot. There is one thing you do need to be: YOU! That’s it, that’s all. 😊

Lots of Love To You & Yours,

I leave you with one of the most powerful worship songs I’ve ever heard. Be blessed!

Sharing Is Caring! ♥ Thank You!


    1. Aw Kammie! You’re going to make me cry! Wow. You just made my whole day. Bless you my friend. You re-blogging this means more than you’ll ever know! 🤗🤗🤗

  1. I so needed this blog today! Thank you for writing it and reminding me my purpose here…my heart and that I have children watching me to. It’s the whole taught vs watched thing and I have to stop beating myself up, being so hard on myself because then they do it to themselves! What matters is the contents of our hearts. The beauty within, the gifts the God made us to be. I needed this! TY

    1. You have touched my heart. Thank you for such incredibly thoughtful words. I know life is busy but you took the time to share your thoughts with me. I am grateful!

      You’re right, we both know that we are products of our upbringings. You are a wonderful mom who is wanting to be aware of the lessons she is passing on. I want to say thank you for your loving heart and for protecting those precious ones!

      You are filled with purpose, beauty and a testimony others need to hear. Your voice counts. Always remember that the idea of perfection is poison. There’s nothing to beat yourself up for. We do make mistakes sometimes and allow wrong thinking to set in when we wish it wouldn’t. The goal is to take those thoughts captive and command them to go in Jesus’ name before they take hold in our hearts. That stinking thinking takes us for a ride FAST and ruins so much before we could say go.

      You are gifted, you are wonderful and you are on a journey. Remember that no one can be you, nor can you be anyone else. You’re doing just fine – keep walking my friend. I pray your days become brighter, filled with joy and an assurance of who you are in God’s eyes. None can compare. 🙂

      1. Speechless 😶
        Thank you❤️💯

        I’m not sure what more to say other than I am so utterly blown away….
        The encouragement is beyond…

        It’s hard to read this and not cry. I had to step outside so that my kids wouldn’t actually see me and then reread it a couple times… just thank you❤️🙏🏼

      2. I am blown away by your comment. I know how you feel because it is hard to read your words and not be so deeply touched that it brings tears to my eyes! Encouragement and hope is why I’m here, writing these words. To see that I was able to bring joy into your day and hope into your heart, I feel privileged and humbled. Thank you for your beautiful heart 💕

        If you get a chance and haven’t already, have a look at my last post found here: — I believe it’s a message for you. 🤗

        I’m sending endless love your way my friend. The best is yet to come!! ♥ Remember that any time the devil tells you otherwise.

      1. By the way Terese, I love how you used ‘pretty great.’ That made me smile this morning! I was a little slow yesterday picking up on it, hah! Sleep deprivation does terrible things to the mind, doesn’t it? 🙂

        Thank you again for such a thoughtful response! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to comment and visiting. Means more than you know!

      2. Holly, I knew you’d get it! First its sleep deprivation with little ones and then its change of life! Yet, the Lord is good through it all.
        I enjoy reading your blog and your writing voice. It’s as if I am sitting with you and having a conversation. <3

      3. Hah! You are absolutely right. Every season of life proves to be one where the Lord’s help is critical to coming out on the other side! He sure knew what He was doing!

        I am grateful to hear it’s like having a conversation when reading my blog. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. The personal touch goes a long way, I believe. Your blog is the perfect example. I feel as if we are sitting down with a cuppa coffee or tea and studying the Word. It’s perfect! ♥

      4. It would be lovely if we could sit and feast on God’s word together in real time! With coffee/tea of course!

  2. The prettiest women have looked ugly as sin because of a bad mouth and/or attitude.

    And the prettiest, decent looking, and maybe not the most attractive women have been irresistible because they were beautiful on the inside.

    1. Amen! A life built on physical appearance is a house of cards. It will fall, just a matter of time. We must be made of more than anything so flimsy. Good to hear from you. I pray you & yours are doing well?

      1. Yes ma’am. Not bad! Just checking in and couldn’t help but comment on this post because it’s something I harp on a lot too!

        Y’all been doing good?

      2. I am grateful you did! It’s a red button issue for me as well. I get so upset seeing the way culture has gone…

        We are doing much better thank the Lord! It had been quite a time around here. I know you can relate.

      3. I tend to like women with a sweet and innocent demeanor.. girly girls. It’s just the way I think they should be. That’s just me though..

        Yes ma’am! And I’m glad things are looking up for y’all!

  3. “Angry because I want so desperately to change a sick, shallow and twisted culture” < I’ll join you in that anger! It’s so, so disheartening, knowing that this is affecting so many and will continue to do so, perhaps more so in the future considering the way things are going. I was affected by this a lot when I was younger, especially my teen years. When I think how many children, teens and adults are still feeling unworthy, not pretty enough, not good enough… who are still trying to change themselves to fit what society thinks they should look like, what they should weigh, how their hair should be cut, what clothes they should wear, and even how they should act and behave… I just want to shout NO!

    As for the “insidious, deceptive marketing tactics” (very well put!) I like the slight, subtle shift in some brands towards embracing make up-free faces, different body shapes and skin colours and heights. But there is so, so much left to do when it comes to marketing.

    I love, LOVE, your pretty list. This is the best damn list I’ve seen in a looooong time, maybe ever. Absolutely love it! I think you’re all of these things, Holly. But you need to add something. Damn. “Pretty Damn Special, Pretty Damn Kind”. You radiate these things.

    The way of seeing the nature of growing and embracing that change is also very empowering. I often think of my cat, who couldn’t give a rats ass about anything other than food, comfy blankets (MY comfy blanket, he won’t use his own) and sleep. He, like those flowers, doesn’t care about the stresses and worries and social pressures and expectations. Young children don’t either, babies are so blissful and happy, and it’s heartbreaking to wonder at what point the poisonous thoughts start to creep in, at what age their self-worth starts to become shaky. Luckily we can change that. We can see the crap for what it is and rise above it, even though it’s not easy. It’s actually very hard, as I’m sure you’ll agree, as an adult to undo the damage over the years and rebuild ourselves and find our value again. But it’s doable. And it’s probably one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, and one of the greatest gifts we can give to another if we can help them see their own worth too. Which you’re doing here with this post.

    Absolutely love it, Holly. Incredible  ♥
    Caz xxxx

    1. Caz!! I am unbelievably humbled by your response and support. You are the special, kind and awesome one! I sincerely mean that. Your reply here only proves why I feel the way I do!

      It breaks my heart to think that you, as a teen, felt the sting of rejection, low self esteem and the lie of being ‘not good enough.’ I am however thankful to hear you are seeing the real gem you are – inside and out. I will join you in shouting NO! from the top of our lungs over this issue. It is an epidemic if you ask me in our cultures and it really needs to change. Suicides are happening because someone doesn’t feel “pretty” and it is disgusting. How is it acceptable that media would make someone feel so unacceptable that they’re willing to take their own life? So many factors are playing into this sick game; a lack of support and guidance at home, a lack of mentors, wrong messages from too early of an age and so many more.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly about the shift we’re seeing in media with more realistic images being used. We do still have a loooooong long ways to go, but at least some are trying! I think the ones that anger me the most are ones who use digitally altered images of women that aren’t even selling a product related to people *at all.* Shouldn’t a product photo be sufficient? Do we really need to use sex to sell a mobile phone (just a random example) for goodness sake?

      I genuinely laughed when you talked about your cat Virgil and how he doesn’t get a rats ass about anything except his comfort. Oh the life of a well-loved and pampered cat! 😂 My husband’s brother-in-law had a saying about his daughter. I was reminded of it when you shared the beautiful example of blissful babies before they’re indoctrinated. He was saying how in a healthy home, you raise this beautiful, innocent child (hopefully) who isn’t exposed to the dark, ugly side of life. Then you send them to school…. and on the first day of their exposure, you begin to see so many of these wrong thinking patterns and attitudes begin. How sad is that?!? As parents, mentors, siblings, teachers and others, we do have the ability, as you said, to be the change and prevent the dysfunction from spreading like wildifire.

      Indeed, it is a precious gift to give ourselves and others to be reminded of our value and worth. You brilliantly every day show others that they are loved, validated no matter where they’re at in life and I love you for that Caz! Your voice is a change agent and you should always feel proud of yourself for being who you are.

      I am grateful you loved my list. I couldn’t help but smile a huge smile reading what you said. I can honestly say you are every bit of that list and so much more. Thank you for saying what you did on social media as well. You’ve touched my heart in a profound way my friend, thank you!

      You’re incredible. ♥ All my love to you dear Caz!

  4. Hello Holly,
    Thanks for sharing your message and this beautiful worship song.
    The part which spoke to me was: “Know your worth. Live from a place of purpose. Be unashamed in your uniqueness and strengths.”

    1. Carol! It is such a blessing to hear from you! I was wondering how you have been. 🤗 I was sitting here just now thinking about your blog and was intending to go back over and see if you had posted a new on time word for us! (Reading your posts always inspires and encourages my soul)

      Amen. That’s one of my favorite parts too. I sincerely believe when we live with the purpose God intended for us, it changes our whole perspective. We can’t help but be more fulfilled, alive and confident.

      Love you sister. Thanks for coming by! 🙏🏼

      1. You are most welcome Holly. I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting my blogs recently whilst I focus on other writing and thought I should just check today whether there are any comments I need to respond to.
        Thank you for thinking about me and it was a pleasure to stop by Wholeness Haven. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

      2. I understand where you’re coming from wholeheartedly. That’s quite alright.

        Have a blessed weekend yourself my friend. 🙂 Always wonderful to hear from you! ♥

  5. By substituting I AM in front of that impressive list that begins with Pretty, you have just made powerful affirmations, prayers, that say I AM what I am! We are all entitled to be pretty beautifully unique! How horrifying what media is doing to millions of women, preying on them by pounding it into their heads they are not pretty until they blah blah blah. NOOOOOO! The only way any of us women will FEEL and KNOW pretty is to embrace it ourselves in our own way, NO ONE ELSE’S. You know how many airbrushed models women all over the world drool over? They are desiring something that is NOT even real! We come in all shapes, all sizes, all colors and darn it, we women need to celebrate that we are women!

    Pretty is a state of being formed from the individual who understands with confidence that she is love.

    This post is SO powerful, Holly! You speak the truth without sugar coating and this is GOOD. You speak from the heart. This is GOOD. Instead of the millions of women broken by the lies they are swallowing, they need to be reading words like yours. AH this world’s intent is so blatant …. and that is to destroy. NOOOOOO! Those of us who SEE will not allow that to happen. You are one of those who SEE. God bless you!! xo

    1. Amy, you are pretty awesome my friend. I am touched by your words each and every time you send your thoughts my way! Thank you for being such a wonderful woman. Speaking of which, Happy Women’s Day to you! 💕

      I adore your idea of placing I am in front of these and turning them into words of affirmation. That is a beautiful idea! You are absolutely right – reminding ourselves of these higher qualities elevates us to a level of living that we might not enjoy otherwise. We need to change our toxic thinking and that’s one powerful way to do it my friend!

      The whole time I was reading your amazing reply, I was shaking my head in agreement. I will join you in screaming NOOOOOO! What a blessing it is to know that your voice is in this fight. I am grateful to have met you! Amen to your comment about embracing ourselves and our unique personalities in our own way – no one else. What’s the joy in being a cookie cutter anything? That’s best left for baking, I think 😉

      You see too my friend and it’s such a blessing to know you are spreading your own heart of love with all of us. I’m a recipient that will be forever grateful for your wisdom and friendship. Thank you for taking the time to touch my heart yet again!

      I’m sending all of my very best love, hugs and well wishes your way. 🤗

    1. Aw Anita! Now you’ve made my day! Thank you for such a beautiful message! Happy Women’s Day, Pretty Anita! ❤ Thank you so much for coming and sharing your heart with me. I’m incredibly grateful. Have a beautifully blessed day!

    1. I just love you! Thank you once again for being a blessing with such kind words! Thank you for sharing this with your daughter. It’s such an important message for all of us to hear – the reminder of our truth worth and Who it comes from. I see these worries in all ages, stages and forms. We live in a very fallen, cruel world who will gladly tell us all we’re not good enough for this reason or that one. It can be very disheartening.

      With voices like yours encouraging us to be our best selves, I pray we can touch as many lives as possible with the encouraging and hope-filled truth!

      God bless you my friend. It is so good to hear from you! 🤗

  6. What kind of beautiful Creation could we be if we too choose to push through pain and grow? Love this so much and I love your heart sweetie. So much truth wrapped in here.

    So often we get our worth and value from what the world thinks “we should look like or be like” but God created each one of uniquely and perfectly just the way He wanted. I’ve struggled with this myself as well because of the broken, hurting people—loved ones in my life. I listened too their lies and poison and believed the lies from the enemy. But God don’t make NO JUNK. Nope!

    “We are only limited by our unwillingness to change, to heal, to question our own stinking thinking.” Sooo true! God bless you sweet friend! Big hugs🤗

    1. Sweet Nicole, you have genuinely touched my heart this morning! I mean it when I say that I am humbled by your support, love and encouragement. Thank you!!

      You & I both know that growth is painful. Coming out of wrong thinking and learned behaviors is not an easy journey. For those of us who have had to take this road in life for various reasons – we know what it is to push through pain to come out on the other side. I know for me, and I bet for you, if not for God with us, we wouldn’t have made it out alive!

      You speak absolute truth my friend. We do get our view of ourselves from this world entirely too often. I LOVE what you said – God don’t make NO JUNK! Ha ha, that’s right!! And you most definitely are not! It is difficult, just as you said, to hear those lies from broken, hurting people and the enemy and not take it on as truth. I too am guilty of entertaining those lies and they hurt. They seek to steal, kill and destroy because that is the only thing Satan can do…

      I am so sorry you’ve had to struggle with that battle. I understand. It is my sincere belief that just as God knows our purpose and call, so does the enemy. He knows who to send to tear us down, using their own pain to create pain in us. Many times, they genuinely know not what they do. But my heart extends to you. My prayer is that each and every day, Holy Spirit would reveal something new to you for you to love about yourself. Most importantly, I pray that every day He pours out His overwhelming love on you to overflow, casting out every fear and calming every worry, stress or concern. 🙏🏼

      God bless you also my friend. Thank you again for touching my heart this day. I am grateful you took the time to share your heart!

      1. Wow! Amen! I’m so glad it blessed you and I’m very thankful for you and your ministry. You have blessed me as well sweet friend. Big hugs💗🙏🏻🤗👭

    1. Hey there sis! Thank you so much for stopping by & taking the time to share your thoughts with me!

      My heart is glad that you enjoyed this post. And all I can say to your reply is amen! You are absolutely right!

      God bless you sweet sis! 🙏🏼 You’re a blessing!

  7. This is such an amazing post!!!

    Wow! It’s sad that search term had that many results!

    “Am I doing this because it’s what I’ve been told I must do in order to be ‘acceptable.’” – I love this! I’ve been at that spot and I had to really ask myself what I was thinking. It wasn’t who I was and I changed it quickly.

    I want to be all those pretties, too! I could care less about my outsides as long as I’m pretty on the inside, the way God intended. (But I’m still not wearing my PJs to Walmart!)

    I’ve shared this to as many group Pinterest boards as I can! I love it! ❤️🤗❤️🤗

    1. Aww Michelle! You are so kind, thank you!

      I agree, it was very disheartening to see just how many results popped up for those search terms. It just grieved me, because you & I both know the impact this is having on our youth AND on adults alike.

      I love what you said about questioning your own motives for doing something a certain way or acting a certain way. I love that you were wise enough to take notice and change course. Doesn’t it make us feel so empty and out of sorts when we attempt to do/be something we’re not for any reason? I always felt really oddly empty and lonely. I felt like a fraud, which only feeds that feeling of being unworthy. It’s a very vicious cycle when we allow this to be our reality. It’s a fight worth fighting though!

      You made me smile, Michelle. You ARE all of those pretties and many many more! You can take that one to the bank! And I laughed when you said “but I’m still not wearing my PJs to Walmart!” 😂 That is hilarious.

      I am so grateful for your support my friend. Thank you for sharing! We’ll fight these vicious lies together! Sending all my love your way. Thank you again! ❤

  8. This is such a beautiful reminder Holly! Thanks for your encouragement that we are all God’s children and in Him, we find our identity, self-worth and value. Our beauty is to be reflective of how Jesus loves us so well and gave everything for us. 💕

    1. Hi Joy! What a beautiful message you left, thank you!

      Amen, amen and amen. I truly love what you said: “Our beauty is to be reflective of how Jesus loves us so well and gave everything for us.” That is amazing, Joy! Your name is such an apt description of who and how you are.

      All my love to you. I pray you and yours are well this day & always 🤗 Thank you for coming by!

  9. How sad to think so many girls and women are putting this emphasis on their looks as what makes them “pretty” and that the goal is to attract a man or be accepted… Your words are “pretty” great on so many levels, Holly. MUST share!

    1. Hi my friend, you’ve touched my heart with your sweet words. Thank you Christy!

      I agree – it is very sad indeed. To really sit back and think about what this phony cultural idea has done to the minds and hearts of girls and women worldwide is devastating. It genuinely makes me angry!

      Words can’t express how grateful I am to you for sharing this, Christy. I am so thankful for your support and encouragement. You are a huge blessing in my life and I value you! 🤗 Sending my love to you and yours. Give those precious kitties a big kiss on the head for me too! 😽

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